Debby is a little helper to assist with your daily tasks ...

Welcome to
Debby Solutions

We provide help to people with special needs.

Actually, turned out that we will all develop some special needs as we get older …

How can we help you?

We have products that seamlessly work together to provide you with solutions for your everyday problems.

24/7 Assistance

Mobile app based solutions. Available no matter the time, day or night.

Easy to Setup

Uses plug and play, or simple, guided, step by step instructions.


Based on an extensible architecture that allows you to grow your solutions by just adding more components.


Since all components are designed to work with each other, just mix and match!

AI Optimized

All solutions work with the common repository so that AI services operate with the best possible information to meet your needs.


Solutions are based on storage and consumption of data that you exclusively own. No cloud or third party has access to them.

Featured Products

This section will feature new products that have just been launched or will be coming to the market soon.

Debby Notes

Debby Notes is a mobile app for the iOS as well as Android devices. Debby Notes is also an Alexa skill. Debby Notes are information about where you have placed something. With the Debby Notes skill, you can just ask Alexa where something is.