Debby Notes mobile app


Available for download from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.

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An easy to use Android mobile app that helps you keep track of where things are. It is compatible to an Alexa skill of the same name. Notes can be accessed between the mobile app and the Alexa skill through the Debby Link backend.

• Dedicated app to keep notes of where things are
• Available both as Android and iOS versions
• Simple to use search function to locate things
• Things and location information are securely stored in cloud
• Stored information are accessible from multiple mobile devices
• Corresponding Debby Notes Alexa skill can be linked to access stored information
• Can save things and locations while off-line on mobile devices
• Off-line data are automatically synchronized when mobile devices are back on-line
• Things can be marked as private and will require a passphrase to access from Alexa